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When you are looking to buy your first or replacement tent then it helps to have a good idea about what a tent is really like and if it will be the best tent for you.

The only way to know that, is to read reviews and find out what real people say about theirs after they have bought it and actually used it.

I have grouped my tent reviews into 4 main categories:

  • 3 season tents which are suitable for spring, summer and autumn,
  • 4 season tents which are ideal for winter camping (and also summer)
  • large family tents and
  • backpacking tents which are lightweight and pack up small

For each of these categories I have then grouped them according to how many people they are suitable for (e.g. 3 person tents, 6 person etc.). This should help you to find the tent you are looking for quickly.

In addition I have included popular camping accessories for you to look through and I have also written some great camping tips that I hope you will find helpful.

Why Read My Reviews?

I go camping with my family regularly every year (for over 20 years now) and therefore know a fair amount about tents and what makes a camping trip go well or not!

My site contains totally unbiased reviews and advice based on extensive research that I have undertaken in the field, personal experience and other owners reviews. This is why I consider that my site will give you the best tent reviews online.

 If a tent has problems then I let you know about it!

Below you will find the best selling tents in each category with a short excerpt from our review. Please come back and visit often as I update and add new content and reviews on a regular basis.

Table of Contents
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1. Family Tent Reviews
2. 1 Person Tents
3. 2 Person Tents
4. 3 Person Tents
5. 4 Person Tents
6. Winter Tents
7. Backpacking Tents

So far I have reviewed over 100 tents and I will continue researching to find you the most popular tents for all types of camping and of course those tents you must not consider buying! I hope you enjoy reading through these reviews and once you have bought your tent have a lovely camping trip!

Features to Check

Many tents now come with one or two vestibules to store equipment away from the sleeping area. This is especially good for keeping walking gear in if its been raining!

  • Ventilation is really important and you should check that the tent has plenty of vents to encourage air circulation. If you have separate sleeping compartments then make sure they each have vents.
  • The preferred pole system is a personal choice. I like the carbon fibre self assembly rods (quite and easy!). If you are going backpacking then make sure you have lightweight aluminium poles so that the overall weight is low. You will definitely want an ultralight tent.
  • The tent material should have a 1200mm waterproof polyurethane coating and also check that the seams taped with waterproof material. The last thing you want is a leak! However it is worth noting that if your tent does leak then it may be due to setting it up incorrectly. This has happened to me a few times and I haven’t quite got the tension right.

Please note that some manufacturers provide a limited lifetime warranty so check the details.Buying a tent should be a fun and exciting experience so knowing a review site that gives you all the information you need will help you know beforehand that you are purchasing the best tent for you.

Family Tent Reviews

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I have classed a family tent as one that is suitable for 6 or more people. There are now lots of great family tents that are really huge but not too expensive. Most have plenty of head room too and also it is possible to purchase tents that have separate sleeping areas which is ideal for a family. These are the top 3.

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow

Kodaik Canvas Flex-BowEveryone loves this tent. As with all canvas tents it is expensive but it will last a lifetime. If you think that canvas tents are difficult to setup then think again. This one is very easy to set up and take down and there is no trying to stuff it into a bag afterwards! This is suitable for 8 people and is an all season tent. [read more]


Coleman Red Canyon

coleman red canyonIf you want a large family tent that will be stable and durable (quite a few positive reviews after 5 years of using the tent) in bad weather but don’t want to spend too much then the Coleman Red Canyon will do the job. Probably best suited for 6 rather than 8 people. This is a very popular tent. [read more]


Eureka Copper Canyon 1312

Eureka Copper Canyon 1312The Eureka Copper Canyon 1312 is a huge tent for up to 8 people. It is really a luxury tent. Eureka is a very good brand name and produce quality tents so you would expect this one to be a top of the range family tent. The seams are secure and poles are very sturdy. [read more]

1 Man Tents

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Solo or 1 man tents are generally used by backpackers and will therefore be lightweight and easy to carry while walking from one site to another. You should also find that they are quick to set up and take down. If you are looking specifically for quality backpacking tents then check out that category instead below.

2 Man Tents

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You will notice that although some tents are officially classed as 3 man, I have considered them more suitable for 2 people and therefore I have classed them under the 2 person tent category. Similarly I have found that some 2 man tents are not that large and are probably better classed as a luxury 1 man tent so you will find them under that category.

3 Man Tents

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If you have any comments or reviews then please let me know.

4 Man Tents

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Some 4 man tents are big enough for families and so you might want to check these reviews out if it is for a family. However most families prefer to have a tent with more room so that there is plenty of storage space.

Winter Tents

4 season tents can be used all year round and can cope with snow and ice. They tend to be more expensive but if you want to camping in winter then you must have a tent that can cope with extreme temperatures and conditions for your own safety. It is really important to check reviews for these tents.

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Best Backpacking Tents

I have reviewed these tents in their own category rather than under the 1 man section as they are the best for backpacking and therefore designed for more extreme weather conditions and rugged camping.

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Brands Reviewed so Far

Nemo, MSR, Kelty, Terra Nova, Big Agnes, Sierra Designs, Coleman, Columbia and Eureka